tuit,tui & tut

ROOT-WORDS are TUT, TUIT & TUI which come from the Latin tueri & tuitus which mean TO PROTECT & TO GUARD and from that comes the meaning TO TEACH. With the addition of the Prefix IN which, as you know, means NOT, a new concept comes into the word, INTUITion, learning without instruction. How wonderful it would be to get all knowledge by INTUITion! If the multiplication tables were in TUITable?

1. Tutor : TUT or (tute’ or) n.

One who teaches a pupil and supervises his progress

2. Tutoress : TUT oress (tute’ o res) n.

A woman who teaches and supervises a pupil

3. Tutorly : TUT orly (tue’ tor li) adv.

Relating to a tutor

4. Tutorage : TUT orage (ture’ o rij) n.

Office of being a tutor

5. Tutorial : TUT orial (tue tore’ ee al) adj.

Relating to a tutor; as, tutorial duties

6. Tutoriate : TUT oriate (tue toe’ ri at) n.

A body of tutors; as, the tutoriate of a college

7. Tuition : TUI tion (tu ish’ un) n.

Act of teaching; payment for instruction, as tuition fees

8. Intuit : in TUIT (in tue’ it) v.

To know directly, by intuition

9. Tuitional : TUIT ional (tu ish’ un al) adj.

Relating to teaching or to the payment for it

10. Intuition : in TUIT ion (in tuish’ un) n.

Knowledge obtained without instruction; insight

11. Intuent : in TU ent (in’ tue ent) adj.

Knowing by intuition

12. Intutitable : in TUIT able (in tue’ it a b’l) adj.

Able to be known without instruction

13. Intuicity : in TUI city (in tu is’ i ti) n.

The quality of intuition

14. Intuitive : in TUIT ive (in tue’ it iv) adj.

Having the quality of insight

15. Intuitively : in TUIT ively (in tue’ it iv lee) adv.

In the manner of intuition; as, we understood his fear intuitively

16. Intutionism : in TUIT ionism (in tue ish’ u niz um) n.

One who believes in intuitionism

17. Intuitionist : in TUIT ionist (in tue ish’ u nist) n.

One who believes in intuitionism

18. Intuitivism : in TUIT ivism (in tue’ i tiv iz um) n.

Intuitive power

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