ult, ultim & ultima

ROOT-WORDS are ULT, ULTIM & ULTIMA which mean LAST. They come from the Latin ultimus & ultimare which mean to come to the end. There are some very interesting Latin phrases in our list and it would be very nice to recognize them in your reading, in a law book, and, certainly, thrilling to use them in the right place. No. 16 is a very poetic conception of the end of the world, the end of all goals, the end of the end.

1. Ultima : ULTIMA (ul’ ti ma) adj.

Last; final; most remote

2. Ultimacy : ULTIMA cy (ul’ ti ma see) n.

Quality of being last

3. Ultima ratio : ULTIMA ratio (ul ti ma rate’ ee o) n.

(Latin) the last and final argument

4. Ultimate : ULTIMA te (ul’ ti mat) adj.

Last; as, man’s ultimate destiny

5. Ultimately : ULTIMA tely (ul’ ti mat lee) adv.

At the last

6. Ultimation : ULTIMA tion (ul ti may’ shun) n.

State of being ultimate, last

7. Ultimatum : ULTIMA tum (ul ti mate’ um) n.

The final offer that can be made

8. Ultimo : ULTIM o (ul’ to moe) adv.

Last month; the month preceding the present

9. Ultimo geniture : ULTIM ogeniture (ul ti moe jen’ i chur) n

A law by which the youngest son, the last born, inherits the estate

10. Ultimo : ULTIM o genitary (ul ti moe jen’ i tar i) adj.

Relating to the last born

11. Penult : pen ULT (pee’ nult) n.

Next to the last syllable of a word

12. Penultimate : pen ULTIMA te (pe nul’ ti may’ tum) n.

Nearly the final offer

13. Penultimatum : pen ULTIMA tum (pe nul ti may’ tum) n.

Nearly the final offer

14. Antepenult : antepen ULT (ant e pee’ nult) n.

The syllable before the last two

15. Antepenultimate : antepen ULTIMA te(ant e pe nul’ ti mat) adj.

Relating to the antepenult

16. Ultima Thule : ULTIMA Thule (ul ti ma thue’ lee) n.

(Latin) The last inhabitable place; a remote goal

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