Uniforms in Schools

Uniforms in Schools :

Uniforms should definitely be used in school systems. Everything about it makes sense. Not everyone is going to be happy about it at first, but they will slowly but surely adjust. Uniforms free students of the stress on what to wear in the morning. I usually have that problem, as well as my brother. Uniforms also relieve the tension or break the ice when new students come in, since they will be wearing the same thing. This will benefit both the new student and the class as a whole. The uniforms will build a sense of unity within the school. Instead of everyone as a separate team, everyone will be in the same team. This will benefit the whole school. Uniforms free students of the stress on what to wear in the morning. Many students, including myself, stand in front of their closets and just stare trying to decide on what kind of shirt to wear as well as what kind of pants or shorts. The uniforms will speed up the morning getting-up process, thus reducing tardiness in school that I know is a problem in my first period class. The enforcement of uniforms will relieve the tension between the new students and the students that are already there. The uniforms will expedite the process of making new friends for the new student since the uniforms will help the new student feel a sense of belonging. This helps the majority of the school becoming friends with each other. This obviously helps the class and also the school as a whole as there will be less fights and controversy between students. Uniforms will build a sense of unity within the school. The students will feel they are a part of one whole team charging toward their ultimate goal…graduation and college. The sense of unity will bring more fans and support for sports events and help the school financially. There will also be less fights and riots within the school when all the students feel they are a part of the same one team. The theory of uniforms in school systems is a great idea. It will relieve the students of the stress on what to wear to school every day break the ice for a new student and build a sense of unity for the school. These reasons clearly indicate the need for uniforms in our school systems.

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Uniforms in Schools :

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