up and about

up and about = up and doing

having risen from bed and active

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it is all up with

it is the end or there is no hope for someone or something – informal

2002 - Guardian - The underlying problem is not the science itself, but the fact that the science is telling politicians something they are desperate not to hear that it's all up with our current model of gung-ho globalisation.

be up on

be well informed about a matter or subject

on the up and up

steadily improving – informal

honest or sincere, informal, chiefly - North American

something is up

something unusual or undesirable is afoot or happening – informal

1994 - Marianne Williamson – Illuminata - It feels as though something is up, as though something significant and big is about to happen.

up against it

facing some serious but unspecified difficulty – informal

up and running

taking place and active

1998 - New Scientist - The arms race may be up and running again.

up the ante

Increase what is at stake or under discussion, especially in a conflict or dispute

Ante comes from Latin, in which it means before. As an English noun it was originally (in the early 19th century) a term in poker and similar gambling games, meaning a stake put up by a player before drawing cards.

1998 - New Scientist - This report ups the ante on the pace at which these cases need to be identified and treated.

up for it

ready to take part in a particular activity – informal

2003 – Observer - If the chance ever arose to do my singing and play football for Southampton, I'd be well up for it.

up hill and down dale

all over the place

2001 - Observer - Why get ourselves bogged down with trials which may last many months and see our staff cross-examined up hill and down dale as defence counsel play the game of hunt the informant?

up in arms about

protesting angrily about something

1994 - Asian Times - A lack of checks and balances or legal redress for workers have trade unions up in arms.

up the spout

no longer working or likely to be useful or successful

(of a woman) pregnant - British informal

up sticks

go to live elsewhere - British informal

up to the mark

of the required standard

(of a person) as healthy or cheerful as usual

up to your tricks = up to your old tricks

misbehaving in a characteristic way - Informal

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