ROOT-WORD is the Suffix URE. It means STATE OF, ACT, PROCESS & RANK. It makes a noun out of an adjective. See overt, literat, temperat and signat. It is good to remember this for conveniently changing a part of speech. Besides it gives a very fine form to a word, both in writing and in speech

1. Censure :cens URE (sen’ chur) v.

To find fault with; to blame

2. Aperture :apert URE (ap’ er chur) n.

An opening; a hole; as, an aperture in a wall

3. Culture :cult URE (kul’ chur) n.

Result of development in education, art, and mode of life

4. Exposure :expos URE (ek spoe’ zhur) n.

State of being laid open; bare of protections or concealment

5. Immature :immat URE (im a tyur’) ajd.

Unripe; adolescent

6. Future :fut URE (fyu’ chur) n.

That time this is yet to come

7. Judicature :judicat URE (jude’ i ka chur) n.

Court of justice; judges collectively

8. Legislature :legislat URE (jej’ i slay chur) n.

The collective body of persons who make the law

9. Overture :overt URE (o’ ver chur) n.

The opening piece of music in an opera; an introductory piece

10. Literature :literat URE (lit’ e ra chur) n.

The collective body of writings of the highest rank

11. Picture :pict URE (pik’ chur) n.

A representation through painting, drawing, or photography

12. Prefecture :prefect URE (pre’ fek chur) n.

The official residence of the prefect

13. Primogeniture :priomogenit URE (prie mo jen’ i tur) n.

The state of being the first born

14. Posture :post URE (pos’ chur) n.

State of one’s bearing;

15. Pressure :press URE (presh’ ur) n.

Force; painful force which causes distress

16. Procedure :proced URE (pro see’ jur) n.

Manner or method of a course of action

17. Tenure :ten URE (ten’ yur) n.

The act or right of holding

18. Temperature :temperat URE (tem’ pe ra chur) n.

The degree of heat or cold

19. Signature :signat URE (sig’ na chur) n.

The seal of approval or of right

20. Rupture :rupt URE (rup’ chur) n.

A break; as, a rupture of a vein

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