VERBS ended with ED

VERBS ended with ED :

Question Forms :

Did he book a ticket?
Did she play chess?
Did she start the prayer at 9 a.m.?
Did she attend the interview?
Did Meera participate in the competition?
Did Krishna ask you?
Did Mahesh delete the message?
Did she invite you?
Did the Manager call you?
Did Ravi receive a parcel?
Did she prepare the notes?
Did they dance?
Did they announce the results?
Did the teacher include your name?
Did Meera appoint a new manger?
Did Janani advice you?
Did Ashwin introduce Balaji?
Did the chairman accept the proposal?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. He booked the ticket.
Yes. She played chest.
Yes. She stated the prayer at 9 a.m.
Yes. She attended the interview.
Yes. Meera participated in the competition.
Yes. Krishna asked me.
Yes. Mahesh deleted the message.
Yes. She invited me.
Yes. The Manager called me.
Yes. Ravi received a parcel.
Yes. She prepared the notes.
Yes. They danced a dance.
Yes. They announced the results.
Yes. The teacher included my name.
Yes. Meera appointed a new manger.
Yes. Janani advised me.
Yes. Ashwin introduced Balaji.
Yes. The chairman accepted the proposal.

Negative Answers :

No. He did not book a ticket.
No. She did not play chess.
No. She did not start the prayer at 9am.
No. She did not attend the interview.
NO. Meera did not participate in the competition.
No. Krishna did not ask me.
No. Mahesh did not delete the message.
No. She did not invite me.
No. The Manager did not call me.
No. Ravi did not receive a parcel.
No. She did not prepare the notes.
No. They did not dance a dance.
No. They did not announce the results.
NO. The teacher did not include my name.
NO. Meera did not appoint a new manger.
No. Janani did not advise me.
NO. Ashwin did not introduce Balaji.
NO. The chairman did not accept the proposal.

VERBS ended with ED :


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