vicis & vic

ROOT-WORDS are VIC & VICIS which mean CHANGE, SUBSTITUTE & DEPUTY. Words Nos. I through 14 should not be difficult to pronounce because you have learned all the ROOTS. No. 15 to No. 18 will not be difficult if you look at the ROOT- VICIS and then add the other syllables. In Latin the VICIS sounds like VIK IS, but in English we pronounce VIS IS. Language study requires adaptability.

1. Vicar : VIC ar (vik’ ar) n.

One who serves as assistant, substitute, or deputy to a rector

2. Vicarly : VIC arly (vik’ ar li) adv.

In the manner of a vicar

3. Vicarage : VIC arage (vik’ a rij) n.

The residence of a vicar

4. Vicaress : VIC aress (vik’ are s) n.

A female vicar or the wife of a vicar

5. Vicarate : VIC arate (vik’ a rat) n.

The authority and office of vicar

6. Vicariate : VIC ariate (vie kare’ ee at) n.

The same as No. 5

7. Vicarial : VIC arial (vie kare’ ee al) adj.

Relating to a vicar; delegated

8. Vicar ship : VIC arship (vik’ ar ship) n.

The state and dignity of the office of a vicar

9. Vicarianism : VIC arianism (vie kar’ i an iz um) n.

The belief that one man can substitute for another in the performance of religious duties

10. Vicarian : VIC arian (vie kar’ i an) n.

One who believes in vicarianism

11. Vicariate : VIC ariate (vie kar’ i ate) v.

To assume the duties and to serve in the place of another

12. Vicarious : VIC arious (vie kare’ ee us) adj.

Being substituted; as, a vicarious pleasure

13. Vicariously : VIC ariously (vie kare’ ee us lee) adv.

Substituting for another; experiencing through another’s experience

14. Vicariousness : VIC ariousness (vie kare’ ee us ness) n.

The state of substitution for another

15. Vicissitude : VIC issitude (vi sis’ i tude) n.

Change in fortune

16. Vicissitous : VIC issitous (vi sis’ i tus) adj.

Experiencing changes in fortune

17. Vicissitudinous : VIC issitudinous (vi sis i tude’ in us) adj.

Filled with the changes of fortune, difficulties

18. Vicissitudinary : VIC issitudinary (vi sis’ i tue di nar i) adj.

Characterized by changes of fortune

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