vict & vinc

ROOT-WORDS are VINC & VICT which come from the Latin vincere & victus which mean CONQUER. Please note that in Nos. 13-17 the letter c sounds like an s. In Nos. 18 and 19 a different spelling and pronunciation comes in because this ROOT is from the French vaincre, a descendant of the Latin, which leads to VANQUish.

1. Victim : VICT im (vik’ tim) n.

One who is conquered and sacrificed

2. Victimize : VICT imize (vik’ tim ize) v.

To make a victim of; use as a sacrifice

3. Victimizer : VICT imizer (vik’ tim ize er) n.

One who makes a victim of another

4. Victor : VICT or (vik’ tor) n.

One who wins; conqueror

5. Victory : VICT ory (vik’ to ree) n.

The winning; the conquest; triumph

6. Victorious : VICT orios (vik tore’ ee us) adj.

Full of victory; triumphant

7. Victoriously : VICT oriously (vik tore; ee us lee) adv.


8. Invictus : in VICT us (in vik; tus)

The title of a poem by William Ernest Henley; meaning unconquered; undefeated

9. Evict : e VICT (e vikt’) v.

Throw out; as, evict a tenant who does not pay the rent

10. Eviction : e VICT ion (e vik; shun) n.

Throwing out of house and home

11. Convict : con VICT (kon vikt’) v.

To prove guilty

12. Conviction : con VICT ion (kon vik’ shun) n.

The act of proving someone guilty of a crime

13. Convince : con VINCE e (kon vins’) v.

Win over; as, convince another in an argument

14. Vincible : VINC ible (vin’ si b’l) adj.

Can be defeated; conquerable

15. Vincibility : VINC ibility (vin si bil; i ti) n.

The quality of being able to be defeated

16. Invincible : in VINC ible (in vin’ si b’l) adj.

Cannot be defeated

17. Invincibly : in VINC ibly (in vin’ sib lee) adv.

In the manner of one who cannot be defeated; as, invincibly courageous

18. Vanquish : VANQU ish (van’ kwish) v.

To conquer; overcome

19. Unvanquished : un VANQU ished (un van’ kwishd) adj.

Unconquered; not able to be overcome

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