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ROOT-WORDS are VIS & VID which mean SEE. It comes from the Latin Verb video & visus which mean to SEE. The two spellings you have in words with this ROOT-WORD come from the two spellings in the Latin verb it comes from. That is why, while most of the words on the list are spelled VIS, Nos: 17, 18 & 20 have VID. You will notice that the two spellings are even found in different forms of the same word. ProVIDe, No. 18, becomes provision. No.19, Julius Caesar wrote, “Veni, vidi, vici" – “I came, I say, I conquered."

1. Visa : VIS a (vee’ za) n.

An endorsement on a passport giving the bearer the right to proceed

2. vis-à-vis : VOS-a-VIS (vee za vee’) n.

One who is face to face with another

3. Visage : VIS age (viz’ ij) n.

The face or look of a person

4. Visible : VIS ible (viz’ al) adj.

Relating to vision; recalls visual impressions

5. Visile : VIS ion (vizh’ un) n.

Relating to vision; recalls visual impressions

6. Vision : VIS ion (vizh’ un)


hing seen; the ability to see; eyesight

7. Visionary : VIS ionary (vizh’ un are e) n.

One who sees visions; a dreamer

8. Envision : en VIS ion (en vizh’ un) v.

To see in one’s mind

9. Visit : VIS it (viz’ it) n.

The act of visiting; as, an official visit

10. Visitor : VIS itor (viz’ i or) n.

One who makes a visit; a guest

11. Visitation : VIS itation (viz i tay’ shun) n.

An official visit; something that visits; as, an affliction

12. Visor : VIS or (vie’ zor) n.

A mask for the face; a brim on a cap to protect the eyes

13. Vista : VIS ta (vis’ ta) n.

A view from a distance

14. Visual : VIS ual (vizh’ yu al) adj.

Relating to sight

15. Visualize : VIS ualize (vizh’ yu wa lize) v.

To make visible; to bring into the mind the face of one not present

16. Invisible : InVIS ible (in viz i b’l) adj.

Cannot be seen

17. Evident : e VID ent (ev’ id ent) adj.

Can easily be seen

18. Provide : pro VID e (pro vide’) v.

To see what will be needed and supply it

19. Provision : pro VIS on (pro vizh’ un) n.

That which was provided beforehand

20. Providential : pro VID entail (prov i den’ chal) adj.

Provided by divine guidance; opportune; lucky

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