voc & vok

ROOT-WORDS are VOC & VOK which come from the Latin vox, vocis meaning VOICE and vocare meaning to CALL. From VOICE we get words relating to human sounds. From CALL we get Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. All are from the same root.

1. Vocable : VOC able (voc’ ka b’l) n.

A human sound; a word

2. Vocal : VOC al (voe’ kal) adj.

Relating to the voice; oral

3. Vocalic : VOC alic (voe kal’ ik) adj.

Rich in vowel sounds; as, Gaelic is very vocalic

4. Vocalion : VOC alion (voe kay’ li on) n.

A musical instrument with organ-like tones

5. Vocabulary : VOC abulary (voe kab’ yu lar ee) n.

A collection of words and phrases

6. Vocabulist : VOC abulist (voe kab’ u list) n.

A maker of vocabularies; a lexicographer

7. Vocalize : VOC alize (voe’ ka lize) v.

To sing; to give utterance

8. Vocation : VOC ation (voe kay’ shun) n.

A call to serve in a particular profession

9. Vocational : VOC ational (voe kay’ shun al) adj.

Relating to a vocation; as, vocational guidance

10. Sotto voce : sotto VOC e (sot o voe’ chee) adv.

In an undertone; an aside

11. Vociferant : VOC iferant (voe’ sif’ e rant) adj.

Noisy; loud

12. Vociferous : VOC iferous (voe sif’ e rus) adj.

Clamorous; making an outcry

13. Vociferously : VOC iferously (voe sif’ e rus lee) adj.

Noisily; as, he argued vociferously

14. Avocation : a VOC ation (av o kay’ shun) n.

A second calling; a hobby

15. Convocation : con VOC ation (kon vo kay’ shun) n.

A calling together; an assembly

16. Invocation : in VOC ation (in vo kay’ shun) n.

Solemn prayer; divine blessing

17. Invoke : in VOK e (in voke’) v.

To plead; to supplicate

18. Evoke : e VOK e (e voke’) v.

Call out from the past; as, evoke a memory

19. Evocative : e VOC ative (e vok’ at iv) adj.

Causing to recall the past

20. Provoke : pro VOK e (pro voke’) v.

To call forth anger; as, provoke his wrath

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