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ROOT-WORDS are VOLCAN & VULCAN which come from Vulcan-the name of the Roman god of FIRE. The change in spelling often happens with names. Notice No. 7 and No. 9 - both mean the same thing. That is also natural. One medical man calls himself a doctor, another a physician. Still another change! The Roman god of fire comes from the Greek god of metal working - see No. 1 and No. 2.

1. Vulcan : VULCAN (vul’ kan) n.

Roman god of fire

2. Vulcanist : VULCAN ist (vul’ kan ist) n.

A metal worker

3. Vulcanization : VULCAN ization (vul ka ni zay’ shun) n.

Act of treating with chemicals to produce the qualities of rubber

4. Volcano : VOLCAN o (vol kay’ no) n.

A mountain erupting molten lava

5. Volcanic : VOLCAN ic (vol kan’ ik) adj.

Like a volcano; characteristic of a volcano

6. Volcanism : VOLCAN ism (vol’ ka niz um) n.

The power of a volcano

7. Volcanist : VOLCAN ist (vol’ ka nist) n.

One versed in the study of volcanic phenomena

8. Volcanologist : VOLCAN ology (vol ka nol’ o jee) n.

The study of volcanic eruptions

9. Volcanologist : VOLCAN ologist (vol ka nol’ o jist) n.

A specialist in the area of volcanology

10. Volcanite : VOLCAN ite (vol’ kan ite) n.

A rare rock from a specific volcano

11. Volcanize : VOLCAN ize (vol’ ka nize) v.

To undergo volcanic heat

12. Volcanologize : VOLCAN ologize (vol kan ol’ o jize) v.

To study volcanic phenomena

13. Vulcanian : VULCAN ian (vul ka’ nee an) adj.

Relating to work done with iron and other metals

14. Vulcanize : VULCAN ize (vul’ ka nize) v.

To treat with chemicals in such a we produce the qualities of rubber

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