Walk on air

Walk on air :

Airs and graces

An affected manner of behaving, designed to attract or impress (British)

Give yourself airs

Act pretentiously or snobbishly

1948 Christopher Bush : The Case of the Second Chance : It was said she gave herself airs and it was also hinted that she was no better - as they say - than she might be.

Air in the sense of an affected manner has been current since the mid 17th century

From the early 18th century the plural form has been more usual in this derogatory sense

Hot air

Emptytalk that is intended to impress

1998 Times - If a chief executive is convinced that a day spent hot-air ballooning is a more effective way of motivating the troops than a lot of hot air from him or her, then anything goes.

Up in the air

(Of a plan or issue) still to be settled


1995 Scientific American - Prospects for federal research and development are up in the air as Republicans looking for budget cuts take control on Capitol Hill.

On the air

Being broadcast on radio or television

Off the air

Not being broadcast on radio or television

Take the air

Go out of doors

Walk on air

Feel elated

1977 Bernard MacLaverty Secrets - I'm sure you're walking on.

Walk on air :

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