What are the fossils?

What are the fossils? :

What are the fossils? How are they formed? Where were the first fossils found?

Fossil is the record or remains of a plant or an animal that lived many thousands of years ago. A fossil may either be in the form of a well-preserved body in ice (The mammoth found below the ice in Siberia) or a hard part of the body like bone or tooth, hardened by minerals. Sometimes the body gets trapped in amber or some other sedimentation. A footprint or even excreta of ancient animals get fossilized.

By methods like carbon dating, the age of fossils can be found out. The oldest fossils known to scientists are those of bacteria that lived 3.5 billion years ago. Three-billion-year-old fossilized forms of algae too have been found. The first fossils were probably obtained from mines in England However, fossils have been found in many places in Europe Asia, Africa and America and in the Himalayan regions.

Fossil of baby wooly mammoth was unearthed from the frozen ground in Alaska, U.S.A.

What are the fossils? :

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