When The Mouse Repaid

When The Mouse Repaid…:

Once a little mouse entered the den of a lion. The lion became very angry to see him there. He roared in a thundering voice and said, "How dare you enter my den without my permission? I will kill you."

The poor little mouse began trembling with fear. He said, "Please do not kill me. I request you kindly to spare my life. Though, I am too small and weak to do anything for you. But, still 1 promise that I shall remember your kindness throughout my life and shall feel obliged, if 1 could do anything for you at any point of time.

The lion looked at his small size and said with a smile, "You are too small and weak to do anything for a powerful creature like me. But do not worry. I am going to spare your life. But, remember not to enter my den in future. You can go now."

"Thank you very much, sir," said the little mouse still trembling with fear. He left, but he was indeed very grateful to the lion.

One day, a hunter set a net with skillful manoeuvres to trap the lion and hid himself in a tree.

Meanwhile, the lion was wandering in search of prey. He did not notice the contrivance and stepped into it. And before he could understand anything, he was trapped.

This was so sudden that the lion was taken aback. He roared loudly and took up the cudgels. But all in vain. The net proved to be beyond his physical power.

The little mouse heard him roaring and immediately understood that the lion was in great trouble. He came out of his hole and saw the lion trapped. The little mouse went near him, expressed his sympathies and said, "Have patience. I shall nibble at the net and free you within no time."

"Little mouse," said the lion, "do you really think you I shall be able to free me from this trap? I am at least a thousand times stronger than you and despite all my efforts have not been able to free myself and you, being so small a creature, say that you shall free me. Funny! Isn’t it?"

"Sir, just wait and see," said the mouse.

And really, within a very short time the little mouse nibbled at the net in hundreds of places. Soon, the lion became free.

Now it was lions turn. He was full of gratitude. He gave him hearty thanks. And the little mouse was happy that at last he could do something for the lion.

When The Mouse Repaid… :

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