A Word A Day : Benign

Word of 2nd June 2007: A Word A Day-Benign


( Adjective )

Benign (bi NYNE): gentle, not harmful, kind, mild

• Betty has benign personality. She is not at all unpleasant to be with.

• The threat of revolution turned out to be benign. Nothing much came of it.

• Charlie was worried that he had cancer, but the lump on his leg turned out to be benign.

• The difference between a benign Person and a Benevolent (see separate entry) one is that the benevolent one is actively kind and generous while the benign one is more passive.

• Benevolence is usually active generosity or kindness, while benignancy tends to mean simply not causing harm.

• The opposite of a benign tumor is a malignant one. This is a tumor that can kill you. A malignant means nasty, evil and full of dangers.

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