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Word of 25th May 2007: A Word A Day-Maverick


( Noun )

Maverick (MAV ur ik): a nonconformist, a rebel

The word maverick originated in the Old West. It is derived from the name of Samuel A. Maverick, a Texas banker who once accepted a herd of cattle in payment of a debt. Maverick was a banker, not a rancher. He failed to confine or brand his calves, which habitually wandered into his neighbors' pastures. Local ranchers got in the habit of referring to any unbranded calf as a maverick. The word is now used for anyone who has refused to be branded - who has refused to conform.

The political scientist was an intellectual maverick. Most of his theories had no followers except himself.

Maverick can also be an adjective.

The maverick police officer got in trouble with the department for using illegal means to track down criminals.

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