A Word A Day : Spiteful

Word of 10th May 2007: A Word A Day-Spiteful


( Adjective )

When our neighbors let their radio blare, our days are spiteful moments.








Contextual Examples:

Only constructive use of scientific advancement can bring about a society in which rancorous behavior of individuals which sets the individuals against each other or in conflicting groups, can be ended.

The malignant attitude of nations against each other can be ended only by bringing about a classless society in which the interests of individuals cease to clash but are reconciled in the framework of a peaceful united mankind.

Nationalism and narrow patriotism are concepts which lead to the propagation of malicious propaganda that divides the worlds into conflicting groups and races.






Contextual Examples:

Educational systems in different countries should teach international citizenship to the students as a compulsory subject from the early age so as to make all humans and individuals develop a benign attitude.

Only a universal spirit of benignity can make everyone work for the beneficent functioning of a new world order of peace and mutual cooperation.

If the world’s newly attained knowledge in sciences and humanities could be applied in full force, the universal feeling of benignancy would make the world live in peace, amity and prosperity.

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