A Word A Day : Gauche

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( Adjective )

Pronunciation : go-sh

1. Lacking social polish

2. Lacking sensitivity and skill in dealing with others

3. Clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform

4. Lacking in refinement or grace or good taste


French, awkward, lefthanded, from Old French, from gauchir, to turn aside, walk clumsily, of Germanic origin


1. Brash

2. Impolitic

3. Indelicate

4. Undiplomatic

5. Unpolitic

6. Untactful

7. Discourtesy

8. Awkward

9. Bumbling

10. Clumsy

11. Heavy-Handed

12. Inept

13. Maladroit

14. Unskillful

15. Inability

16. Coarse

17. Uncouth

18. Tactless

19. Unsophisticated


1. Elegant

2. Graceful

3. Mannerly

4. Polished

5. Refined

6. Sophisticated

7. Tactful

8. Tasteful

Contextual Examples:

• It was considered quite gauche to talk during the symphony concert.

• Feeling that his question was somewhat gauche, he smiled angrily.

Related Words:

1. Gauchely : Adverb

2. Gaucheness : Noun

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