Synonyms & Antonyms : Gifted


( Adjective )

There is a separate school for the students gifted with special talents.

Synonyms :











Contextual Examples:

Dolphin is an intelligent animal.

The starving man was barely able to walk.

The doctor made a few apt remarks about nutrition and health.

Only the most skillful pilots are deployed for bombing the enemy positions.

Mr. Suresh Tiwari is the most sagacious teachers in our school.

Praveen is one of the few talented students of the class.

Fox is a clever animal.

He succeeded by a combination of generosity and adroit diplomacy.

She is an expert in hand embroidery.

Roopa is very ingenious when it comes to deal with her cunning boss.










Contextual Examples:

It would be foolish on your part to change the profession at this late age.

The stupid fellow! He annoys his friends by making silly comments at the wrong movement.

His idiotic utterances now and then leave a bad impression on his colleagues.

He is a basically stolid. His face remains expressionless against anger or irritation.

I have never seen anyone so inept in writing essays on social issues.

The whole book needs re-editing by you, since it is not a job for amateurs.

All work and no play make a child dull.

He is mentally retarded.

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