Difficult Words : Heyday, Hermetic, Hiatus, Hierarchy, Histrionic and Homily

Difficult Words: Heyday, Hermetic, Hiatus, Hierarchy, Histrionic and Homily

Hermetic (hur MET ik) adj: impervious to external influence, airtight

The president led a hermetic existence in the White House, as his advisers attempted to seal him off from the outside world.

The old men felt vulnerable and unwanted outside the hermetic security of their club.

The poisonous substance was sealed hermetically inside a glass cylinder.

Hiatus (hye AY tus) n: a break or interruption, often from work

Spencer looked forward to spring break as a welcome hiatus from the rigors of campus parties.

Heyday (HAY DAY) n golden age, prime

In his heyday, Vernon was a world-class athlete. Today he's just Vernon.

The heyday of the British Navy ended a long, long time ago.

Hierarchy (HYE uh RAHR kee) n: an organization based on rank or degree, pecking order

George was very low in the State Department hierarchy. In fact, his phone number wasn't even listed in the State Department directory.

There appeared to be hierarchy in the newly discovered tribe. There was no leader and, for that matter, no followers.

Histrionic (HIS tree ON ik) adj: overly dramatic, theatrical

Adele's histrionic request for a raise embarrassed everyone in the office. She gesticulated wildly, jumped up and down, pulled out handfuls of hair, threw herself to the ground, and groaned in agony.

The chairman's histrionic Presentation convinced no one.

Histrionic behavior is refereed to as histrionics. The young actor's histrionics made everyone in the audience squirm.

Homily (HOM ul lee) n: a sermon

The football coach often began practice with a lengthy homily on the virtues of clean living.

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