A Word A Day : Hiatus

8th August 2007... Today's Word : Hiatus


( Noun )

Pronunciation : (hi-a'tes)

1. A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity

2. A slight pause that occurs when two immediately adjacent vowels in consecutive syllables are pronounced

3. Short passage in an organ or body part

4. An interval during which continuity is suspended

5. Any gap or omission in a sentence, verse or logical argument

6. Interruption


Latin hiātus, from past participle of hiāre, to gape


1. Break

2. Gap

3. Interim

4. Lacuna

5. Void

6. Stop

7. Pause

8. Fissure

9. Aperture

10. Separation

11. Interruption

12. Empty

13. Abatement

14. Reprieve

15. Suspension

16. Respite

17. Defervescence


1. Continuity

2. Continuation

Contextual Example:

• We are likely to be disconcerted by hiatuses of thought.

• They took a brief hiatus during the conference to discuss an important side issue.

• Spencer looked forward to spring break as a welcome hiatus from the rigors of campus parties.

• Scholars attempted to account for the hiatus in the medieval manuscript.

Related Words:

Hiatal: Adjecive

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