How to improve my English?

This is a question on How to improve my English?

Respected Sir,

My name is Parag. I am working in a private firm as a Assistant Manager Project in India. My routine activities include floating enquires, bringing offers and making comparative studies. daily I write letters to various parties but my English is very poor. So Kindly suggest me how I improve my English speaking skill and writing skill. Your site helps me very much. But My basic is not very good. I make grammar mistakes. So please give me advice. I am ready to take your advice seriously. You will take me to speak at least well. I will be very grateful if you help me for this important test in my life. I am very poor in speaking and whole day I speak in Hindi or Marathi, my local language. Just only 15-20 Minutes I speak in English only over phone with others. I am 32 Years and I WANT TO DO WELL IN FUTURE PLEASE HELP ME.(8th April-2007.)This is a question on How to improve my English?

Dear Parag Thosar,

It seems that your basic knowledge of English is week. So, take a course to improve your basic knowledge of English. Without strong foundation in the knowledge of the basic, it will be Pyrrhic victory to go ahead. So, learn the basic from a person who is well versed in English. Allot some time, so that you will reap the benefits in your future. If you hesitate to take initiatives, your future will not take you to any higher places either in your profession or in you social life. Having a strong foundation in the basic is the secret of success in any field. The more you go up, the more you will realize the significance of the basic knowledge. So, take all steps to learn the basic. You are not alone to raise such this question-How to improve my English?

Then follow these methods mentioned below to make yourself familiarize with English.

1. Read aloud and slow any News Paper. Go as slow as possible to understand the meaning behind what you read.

2. You can choose any Children Books which may contain many Parables and Moral Stories. Reading such stories would give you better understanding of the words. This way, you can improve your vocabulary.

3. Prepare your own dictionary with the words which you master every day.

4. Go through this dictionary once in a week so that you will recall the meanings of these words in a better manner.

5. Every time you go through this dictionary, visualize the meaning of those words. For example: For the word hallucination, you should imagine what the word actually means. This visualization method will make you understand the minute difference between similar words such as consent and permission.

6. Construct your own sentences using the words which you have noted in your dictionary.

7. Then use those words in your daily conversation with your friends and in your written communications.

8. This way, become sensitive to new words.

9. If you follow this method for the next few weeks, then using new words will become your spontaneous habit.

10. Never hesitate to read aloud. If you’re shy of others, you will only be only a victim. So, never, never hesitate to take initiative.

11. My wishes to you. Let you master English just in few weeks.

This is a question on How to improve my English?

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