Difficult Words : Increment, Incorrigible, Indifferent, Indigenous and Indigent

Difficult Words : Increment, Incorrigible, Indifferent, Indigenous and Indigent

Incorrigible (in KAWR i juh bul) adj: incapable of being reformed

The convict was an incorrigible criminal; as soon as he got out of prison,

Bill is incorrigible. He eats three bags of potato chips every day even though he knows that eating two would be better for him.

Ever-cheerful Annie is an incorrigible optimist.

Think of incorrigible as uncorrectable. The word corrigible is rarely seen or used these days.

Increment (IN kruh munt) n: an increase, one in a series of increases

Bernard received a small increment in his salary each year, even though he did less and less work with every day that passed.

This year's fund-raising total represented an increment of 10 percent over last year's.

This year's total represented an incremental change from last year's.

Orville built up his savings account incrementally, one dollar at a time.

Indifferent (in DIF ur unt) adj: not caring one way or the other, apathetic, mediocre

Red was indifferent about politics. He didn't care who was elected to office so long as one passed a law against Monday Night Football.

Henry's indifferent was extremely annoying to Melissa, who loved to argue but found it difficult to do so with people who had no opinions.

We planted a big garden but the results were indifferent; only about half of the flowers came up.

The painter did an indifferent job, but it was good enough for Susan, who was indifferent about painting.

Indigenous (in DIJ uh nus) adj: native, originating in that area

Fast-food restaurants are indigenous to America, where they were invented.

The grocer said the corn had been locally grown, but we didn't believe him because it didn't appear to be indigenous.

The botanist said that the small cactus was indigenous but that the large one had been introduced to the region by Spanish explorers.

Indigent (IN di junt) adj: poor

The indigent family had little to eat, nothing to spend, and virtually nothing to wear.

Rusty had once been a lawyer but now was indigent. He spent most of his time sleeping on a bench in the park.

Don't confuse this word with indigenous.

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