Difficult Words : Infatuated, Infamous, Infer, Infinitesimal, Ingenuous and Inherent

Difficult Words : Infatuated, Infamous, Infer, Infinitesimal, Ingenuous and Inherent

Infamous (IN fuh mus) adj: shamefully wicked: having an extremely bad reputation, disgraceful

Be careful with the pronunciation of this word.

To be infamous is to be famous for being evil or bad. An infamous cheater is one whose cheating is well known.

Deep within the prison was the infamous torture chamber, where hooded guards tickled their prisoners with feathers until they confessed.

Infamy is the state of being infamous. The former Nazi lived the rest of his life in infamy after the court convicted him of war crimes and atrocities.

President Roosevelt said that the date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor would live in infamy.

Infatuated (in FACH oo AY tid) adj: foolish; foolishly passionate or attracted, made foolish, foolishly in love

To be infatuated is to be fatuous or foolish. I was so infatuated with Polly that I drooled and gurgled whenever she was near.

The infatuated candidate thought so highly of himself that he had the ceiling of his bedroom covered with his campaign posters.

My ride in Boris's racing car infatuated me. I knew immediately that I would have to have a racing car too.

Infer (in FUR) v: to conclude, to deduce

Ruth said she loved the brownies, but I inferred from the size of the piece left on her plate that she had actually despised them.

She hadn't heard the score, but the silence in the locker room led her to infer that we had lost.

Infer is often confused with imply. To imply something is to hint at it, suggest it, or state it indirectly. To infer something is to figure out what if is without being told directly.

Infinitesimal (IN fin I TES Uh mul) adj: very, very, very small, infinitely small

Infinitesimal does not mean huge, as some people incorrectly believe.

Dummy old Willy's brain, if he had one at all, was undoubtedly infinitesimal.

An infinitesimal bug of some kind crawled into Heather's ear and bit her in a place she couldn't scratch.

Our chances of winning were infinitesimal, but we played our hearts out anyway.

Ingenuous (in JEN yoo us) adj: frank, without deception, simple, artless, charmingly naïve

A young child is ingenuous. He doesn't know much about the ways of the world, and certainly not enough to deceive anyone.

An ingénue is a somewhat native young woman, especially a young actress.

Disingenuous means crafty or artful. The movie producer was being disingenuous when he said, "I don't care if I make a cent on this movie. I just want every man, woman and child in the country to see it."

Inherent (in HEER unt, in HER unt) adj: part of the essential nature of something, intrinsic

Wetness is an inherent quality of water. (You could also say that wetness is inherent in water)

There is an inherent strength in steel that is lacking from cardboard. (Strength is inherent in steel.)

The man's inherent fatness, jolliness and beardedness made it easy for him to play the part of Santa Claus.

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