Difficult Words : Intractable, Integral, Intransigent, Intrinsic, Introspective and Inundate

Difficult Words: Intractable, Integral, Intransigent, Intrinsic, Introspective and Inundate

Integral (IN tuh grul) adj: essential

A solid offense was an integral part of our football team. So was a strong defense.

Dave was integral to the organization. It could never have gotten along without him.

Intransigent (in TRAN si junt) adj: uncompromising, stubborn

Roy was an intransigent hard-liner and he didn't care how many people he offended with his views.

The jury was unanimous except for one intransigent member, who didn't believe that anyone should ever be forced to go to jail.

Intractable (in TRAK tuh bul) adj: uncontrollable, stubborn, disobedient

The intractable child was a torment to his nursery school teacher.

Bill was intractable in his opposition to pay increases for the library employees. He swore he would never vote to give them a raise.

The disease was intractable. None of the dozens of medicines the doctor tried had the slightest effect on it.

The opposite of intractable is tractable.

Intrinsic (in TRIN sik) adj: part of the essential nature of something, inherent

Larry's intrinsic boldness was always getting him into trouble.

There was an intrinsic problem with Owens’s alibi: it was a lie.

The opposite of intrinsic is extrinsic.

Introspective (IN truh SPEC tic) adj: tending to think about oneself, examining one's feelings

The introspective six-year-old never had much to say to other people but always seemed to be turning over something her mind.

Randy's introspective examination of his motives led him to conclude that he must have been at fault in the breakup of his marriage.

See extrovert.

Inundate (IN un DATE) v: to flood, to cover completely with water, to overwhelm

The tiny island kingdom was inundated by the tidal wave. Fournately, no one died from the deluge.

The fifteen-year-old-girl was inundated with telegrams and gifts after she gave birth to octuplet.

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