Difficult Words : Juxtapose and Judicious

Difficult Words : Juxtapose and Judicious

Judicious (joo DISH us) adj: exercising sound judgment

The judge was far from judicious. He told the jury that he thought the defendant looked guilty and said that anyone who would wear a red bow tie into a courtroom deserved to be sent to jail.

The fire fighters made judicious use of flame-retardant foam as the burning airplane skidded along the runway.

The mother of twin boys judiciously used an electron microscope and a laser to divide the ice cream into equal parts.

The word judicial is obviously closely related, but there is a critically important difference in meaning between it and judicious. A judge is judicial simply by virtue of being a judge. Judicial means having to do with judges, judgment or justice. But a judge is judicious only if she exercises sound judgment.

Juxtapose (JUK stuh POSE) v: to place side by side

Comedy and tragedy were juxtaposed in the play which was alternately funny and sad.

Juxtaposing the genuine painting and the counterfeit made it much easier to tell which was which.

The final examination requires students to juxtapose two unrelated works of fiction.

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