Letter of Description

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Letter of Description. To your friend describing how the last Independence Day was celebrated in your school :

From :

K. Radha,
Fifth Cross,
23, Anna Nager,
Tamil Nadu,

To :

M. Johnsy,
14, East Tower Street,
Tamil Nadu,

21st July 2008

Dear Johny,

I am fine. How are you? We celebrated the Independence Day in our school on 15th August 2008. The District Collector of Madurai District presided over the function. Our district Chief Educational Officer also participated in the function. The function was begun with a Salutation Song to Tamil language. We staged a patriotic drama in the function. The academic rank holders and the best students got the prizes. The function ended with National Anthem.

I hope your school might have celebrated the Independence Day in a memorable manner.

With thanks.

K. Radha

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