Difficult Words : Loquacious, Litigate, Lucid, Lugubrious and Luminous

Difficult Words : Loquacious, Litigate, Lucid, Lugubrious and Luminous

Litigate (LIT uh GATE) v: to try in court, to engage in legal proceedings

His lawyer thought a lawsuit would be fruitless, but the client wanted to litigate. He was feeling litigious. That is, he was feeling in a mood to go to court.

When the company was unable to recover its money outside of court, its only option was to litigate.

To litigate is to engage in litigation. A court hearing is an example of litigation.

Loquacious (loh KWAY shus) adj: talking a lot or too much

The child was surprisingly loquacious for one so small.

Mary is so loquacious that Belinda can sometimes put down the telephone receiver and run a load of laundry while Mary is talking.

A loquacious person is one who is characterized by loquaciousness or loquacity.

The English teacher's loquacity in class left little time for any of the students to speak, which was fine with most of the students.

Lucid (LOO Sid) adj: clear, easy to understand

The professor's explanation of the theory of relativity was so astonishingly lucid that even I could understand it.

Hubert's remarks were few but lucid. He explained the complicated issue with just a handful of well-chosen words.

The extremely old man was lucid right up until the moment he died. His body had given out but his mind was still going strong.

To elucidate something is to make it clear, to explain it. The poem was an enigma until a second grader in Encino, California, elucidated it for his admiring elders.

Lugubrious (loo GOO bree us) adj: exaggerated mournful

To be mournful is to be sad and sorrowful. To be lugubrious is to make a big show of being sad and sorrowful.

Harry's lugubrious eulogy at the funeral of his dog eventually made everyone start giggling.

The valedictorian suddenly turned lugubrious and began sobbing and tearing his hair at the thought of graduating from high school.

Luminous (LOO much nus) adj: giving off light, glowing, bright

The moon was a luminous disk in the cloudy nighttime sky.

The snow on the ground appeared eerily luminous at night. It seemed to glow.

The dial on my watch is luminous. It casts a green glow in the dark.

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