Difficult Words : Nebulous, Narcissism and Nefarious

Difficult Words: Nebulous, Narcissism and Nefarious

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Narcissism (NAHR si SIZ um) n: excessive love of one's body or one-self

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a boy who fell in love with his own reflection and after lying around for a long time staring at it, turned into a flower.

To engage in narcissism is to be like Narcissus.

Throwing a kiss to your reflection in the mirror is an act of narcissism. So is filling your living room with all your bowling trophies or telling everyone how smart and good-looking you are.

Someone who suffers from narcissism is said to be narcissistic.

The selfish students were bound up in narcissistic concerns and gave no thought to other people.

Nebulous (NEB yuh lus) adj: vague, hazy, indistinct

Oscar's views are so nebulous that no one can figure out what he thinks about anything.

The community's boundaries are somewhat nebulous, where they are depends on whom you ask.

Molly's expensive new hairdo was a sort of nebulous mass of wisps, waves and hair spray.

Nefarious (ni FIAR ee us) adj: evil, flagrantly wicked

The radicals' nefarious plot was to destroy New York by filling the reservoir with strawberry Jello.

The convicted murderer had committed a myriad of nefarious acts.

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