Synonyms & Antonyms : Nimble


( Adjective )

Being as nimble as an ant is what will take you to a new height.










Contextual Examples:

Even at the age of 85, Khuswant Singh is very active and agile.

She is very prompt in giving salary to her workers.

His attitude towards life is quiet flexible.

The quick reply given by the child surprised all of us.

Speedy action on the part of the fire brigade saved the house from destruction.

At 75 she is very spry. She manages everything in time.

The thief made a swift exit leaving no trace of his identity.









Contextual Examples:

Poor children of a slum cannot help looking clumsy. They are after all underfed and shabbily dressed.

The police was unready to chase the dacoits. No wonder the dacoits decamped.

My habits have become sluggish. This is the result of my recent sickness.

Our science teacher is rather inert, although extremely intelligent.

Anil is rather inactive for the type of quality education he is enjoying.

Our new teacher is rather dull and drab in his lecturers.

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