Difficult Words : Nuance, Novel and Noxious

Difficult Words : Nuance, Novel and Noxious

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Novel (NOV ul) adj: new, original

Ray had a novel approach to homework. He didn't do it. Ray failed geometry as a result of this novelty.

There was nothing novel about the author's late novel. The characters were old and the plot was borrowed.

Noxious (NOK shus) adj: harmful, offensive

Smoking is a noxious habit in every sense.

Poisos ivy is a noxious weed.

Carbon monoxide is a noxious gas.

The Mother’s Committee believed that rock and roll music exerted a noxious influence on their children.

Nuance (NOO ahns) n: a subtle difference or distinction

The artist's best work explored the nuance between darkness and deep shadow.

Harry was incapable of nuance. Everything for him was either black or white.

In that Chinese dialect, the difference between one word and its opposite is sometimes nothing more than a nuance of inflection.

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