Difficult Words : Obfuscate and Obdurate

Difficult Words : Obfuscate and Obdurate

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Obdurate (OB doo rit) adj: stubborn and insensitive

Obdurate contains one of the same roots as durable and endurance. Each word conveys a different sense of hardness.

The committee's obdurate refusal to listen to our plan was heartbreaking to us, since we had spent ten years coming up with it.

The child begged and begged to have a bubble-gum machine installed in his bedroom, but his parents were obdurate in their insistence that he have a soft-drink machine instead.

Obfuscate (ob FUS Kate) v: to darken, to confuse, to make confusing

People had hoped the spokesman would elucidate the issue. But he only obfuscated the issue further

Too much gin had obfuscated the old man's senses.

The Professor’s inept lecture gradually obfuscated the subject that had been crystal clear to us before.

To obfuscate something is to engage in obfuscation.

Lester called himself a used-car salesman, but his real job was obfuscation. He sold cars by confusing his customers.

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