Difficult Words : Oblivion and Oblique

Difficult Words : Oblivion and Oblique

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Oblique (uh BLEEK) adj: indirect, at an angle

In geometry, lines are said to be oblique if they are neither parallel nor perpendicular to each other. The word has a related meaning outside of mathematics.

An oblique statement is one that does not directly confront its true subject.

To insult someone obliquely is to do so indirectly.

Harry sprinkled his student council speech with oblique references to the principal's new toupee. The principal is so dense that he never figured out what was going on, but the rest of us were rolling on the floor.

Oblivion (uh BLIV ee un) n: total forgetfulness, the state of being forgotten

A few of the young actors would find face, but most were headed for oblivion.

After tossing and turning with anxiety for most of the night, Richie finally found the oblivion of sleep.

To be oblivious is to be forgetful or unaware.

Old age had made the retired Professor oblivious of all his old theories.

The workmen stomped in and out of the room, but the happy child, playing on the floor, was oblivious of all distraction.

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