Synonyms & Antonyms : Onerous


( Adjective )

He resigned his job because that is full of onerous duties.








Contextual Examples:

The old man was glad to get rid of his burdensome furniture.

A successful teacher knows how to handle the troublesome students.

Democracy cannot tolerate oppressive leaders.

Facing a corrupt bureaucracy is one of the most difficult problems of the new government.

The members of the society are tired of the wearing manners of the secretary.

Carrying the furniture to the attic was a back breaking task.






Contextual Examples:

The language paper was rather easy. I had nothing to worry.

Modern moving belt system at the airports and big railway stations has made fluent the problem of luggage placement in the luxury cars.

Taking of bed tea is harmless but only if you keep the consumption within limits.

The new luxury coach is as comfortable as your well cushioned drawing room.

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