Difficult Words : Opaque and Opulent

Difficult Words : Opaque and Opulent

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Opulent (OP yuh lunt) adj: luxurious

Everything in the opulent palace was made of gold, except the toiler paper holder, which was made of platinum.

The investment banker had grown accustomed to an opulent lifestyle that he had trouble adjusting to the federal penitentiary.

Opulence is often ostentatious.

Opaque (oh PAKE) adj: impossible to see through, impossible to understand

The windows in the movie star's house were made not of glass but of some opaque material that was intended to keep his fans from spying on him.

We tried to figure out what Horace was thinking, but his expression was opaque. It revealed nothing.

Marvin's mind, assuming he had one, was opaque.

The statement was opaque. No one could make anything of it.

The noun form of opaque is opacity (oh PAS i tee).

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