Difficult Words : Ostensible and Orthodox

Difficult Words : Ostensible and Orthodox

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Orthodox (AWR thuh DOKS) adj: conventional, adhering to established principles or doctrines, especially in religion, by the book

The doctor's treatment for Lou's cold was entirely orthodox: plenty of liquids and aspirin and lots of rest.

Austin's views were orthodox. There was nothing shocking about any of them.

The body of what is orthodox is called orthodoxy.

The teacher's lectures were characterized by strict adherence to orthodoxy.

To be unconventional is to be unorthodox.

Green Cheese is an unorthodox explanation for the composition of the moon.

Ostensible (ah STEN suh bul) adj: apparent (but misleading), professed

Blake's ostensible mission was to repair a broken telephone, but his real goal was to plant a bomb that would blow up the building.

Trevor's ostensible kindness to squirrels belied his deep hatred of them.

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