Difficult Words : Parochial and Paradox

Difficult Words : Parochial and Paradox

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Paradox (PAR uh DOCKS) n: a true statement or phenomenon that nonetheless seems to contradict itself, an untrue statement or phenomenon that nonetheless seems logical

• Mr. Cooper is a political paradox. He is a staunch Republican who votes only for Democrats.

• One of Reno’s paradoxes seems to prove the impossibility of an arrow's ever reaching its target. If the arrow first moves half the distance to the target, then half the remaining distance, then half the remaining distance, and so on, it can never arrive.

• A paradox is paradoxical.

• Hubert’s dislike of ice cream was paradoxical, considering that he worked as an ice cream taster.

Parochial (puh ROH kee ul) adj: narrow or confined in point of view, provincial

• The townspeople's concerns were entirely parochial. They worried only about what happened in their town and not about the larger world around it.

• The journalist's parochial point of view prevented him from becoming a nationally known figure.

• A lot of people think that the parochial school is the religious school. Actually, the parochial school is the school of the parish or neighborhood. In other contexts, though, parochial has negative connotations.

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