Difficult Words : Parsimonious and Parody

Difficult Words : Parsimonious and Parody

Parody (PAR uh dee) n: a satirical imitation

• On the cover of The Harvard Lampoon's parody of People magazine was a photograph of Brooke Shields holding a great big fish.

• At the talent show the girls sang a terrible parody of a Beatles song called I Want to Hold Your Foot.

• Some parodies are unintentional and not very funny.

• The unhappy student accused Mr. Benson of being not a teacher but a parody of one.

• Parody can also be a verb. To parody something is to make a parody of it. A parody is parodic.

Parsimonious (PHAR suh MOH nee us) adj: stingy

• The old widow was so parsimonious that she hung used teabags out to dry on her clothesline so that she would be able to use them again.

• We tried to be parsimonious, but without success. After just a couple of days at the resort we realized that we had spent all the money we had set aside for out entire month-long vacation.

• To be parsimonious is to practice parsimony.

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