Synonyms & Antonyms : Partial


( Adjective )

Examiners were partial towards the pretty women students.










Contextual Examples:

Many shrewd leaders have resorted to unfair means to win the election.

This clerk is in the habit of leaving his work incomplete.

In spite of the limited resources, the Indian scientists have made great inventions.

Some people have biased views against their colleagues.

His restricted approach can lead to his failure in the noble mission.

His mother’s work as a nurse predisposes him for aspiring to be a doctor.

A judge cannot do justice if he takes one-sided view of the case.










Contextual Examples:

The new minister has a fair view of society and its problems.

He has traveled the entire width and length of the country to obtain a practical insight of social problems.

He has a complete study of the society of India.

There is need for a more equitable distribution of wealth in India.

An internationalist is one who can take a disinterested view of international problems.

The whole town was destroyed by the earthquake.

The just demands of the student must be met.

I cannot take an impartial view in a case where my brother may be involved. Hence I advise you to seek somebody else as an arbitrator in this dispute.

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