Difficult Words : Paucity and Patronize

Difficult Words : Paucity and Patronize

Patronize (PAY truth NIZE) v: to treat as an inferior, to condescend to

• Our guide at the art gallery was extremely patronizing, treating us as though we shouldn’t be able to distinguish a painting from a piece of sidewalk without her help.

• We felt patronized by the waiter at the fancy French restaurant. He ignored all our efforts to attract his attention and then pretended not to understand our accents.

• Patronize also means to frequent or be a regular customer of.

• To patronize a restaurant is to eat there often, not to treat it as an inferior.

Paucity (PAW se tee) n: scarcity

• There was a paucity of fresh vegetables at the supermarket so we had to buy frozen ones.

• The plan was defeated by paucity of support

• There is no paucity of water in the ocean.

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