Difficult Words : Pensive, Penitent and Penchant

Difficult Words : Pensive, Penitent and Penchant

Penchant (PEN chunt) n: a strong taste or liking for something, a predilection

• Dogs have a penchant for chasing cats and mailmen.

Penitent (PEN I tunt) adj: sorry, repentant, contrite

• Julie was penitent when Hank explained how much pain she had caused him.

• The two boys tried to sound penitent at the police station, but they weren't really sorry that they had herded the sheep into Mr.Ingersoll's house. They were impenitent.

Pensive (PEN siv) adj: thoughtful and sad

• Norton became suddenly pensive when Jack mentioned his dead father. up by shooting off a few firecrackers in the living room.

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