Difficult Words : Perfidy and Perennial

Difficult Words : Perfidy and Perennial

Perennial (puh REN ee ul) adj: continual, happening again and again or year after year

• Mr. Phillips is a perennial favorite of students at the high school, because he always gives everyone an A.

• Milton was a perennial candidate for governor. Every four years he printed up another batch of his Bingo and horse-racing bumper stickers.

• Perennial flowers (called perennials) are flowers that bloom year after year without being replanted.

• Biennial and centennial are related words.

• Biennial means happening once every two years.

• Biannual means happening twice a year.

• Centennial means happening once every century.

Perfidy (PUR fi dee) n: treachery

• It was the criminal's natural perfidy that finally did them in, as each one became an informant on the other.

• I was appalled at Al's perfidy. He had sworn to me that he was my best friend but then he asked my girlfriend to the prom.

• To engage in perfidy is to be perfidious.

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