Difficult Words : Pernicious and Perquisite

Difficult Words : Pernicious and Perquisite

Perquisite (PUR kwi zit) n: a privilege that goes along with a job, a perk

• Free access to a photocopier is a perquisite of most office jobs.

• The big corporate lawyer's perquisites included a chauffeured limousine, a luxurious apartment in the city and all the chocolate ice cream he could eat.

• A perquisite should not be confused with a prerequisite which is a necessity. Health and happiness are two prerequisites of a good life.

• A college degree is a prerequisite for many high-paying jobs.

Pernicious (pur HISH us) adj: deadly, extremely evil

• The drug dealers conducted their pernicious business on every street corner in the city.

• Lung cancer is a pernicious disease.

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