Difficult Words : Philanthropy and Petulant

Difficult Words : Philanthropy and Petulant

Petulant (PECH uh lunt) adj: rude, ill-tempered

• Gloria became petulant when we suggested that she leave her pet cheetah at home when she came to spend the weekend. She said that we had insulated her cheetah and that an insult to her cheetah was an insult to her.

• The petulant waiter slammed down our water glasses and spilled a tureen of soup onto Roger's toupee.

• To be petulant is to engage in petulance or rudeness.

Philanthropy (fi LAN truh pee) n: love of mankind, especially by doing good deeds

• A charity is a philanthropic institution.

• An altruist is someone who cares about other people.

• A philanthropist is actively doing things to help, usually by giving time or money.

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