Difficult Words:

Plebian, Platitude and Plaintive

Difficult Words : Plebian, Platitude and Plaintive

Plaintive (PLAIN tiv) adj: expressing sadness or sorrow

• The lead singer's plaintive love song expressed his sorrow at being abandoned by his girlfriend for the lead guitarist.

• The chilly autumn weather made the little bird's song seem plaintive.

• You could also say that there was plaintiveness in that bird’s song.

• Don't confuse plaintive with plaintiff. A plaintiff is a person who takes someone to court and who makes a legal complaint.

Platitude (PLAT i TOOD) n: a dull or trite remark, a cliché

• The principal thinks he is a great orator, but his loud, boring speech was full of platitudes.

• Instead of giving us any real insight into the situation, the lecturer threw platitudes at us for the entire period. It was a platitudinous speech.

Plebian (pluh BEE un) adj: common, vulgar, low class, bourgeois

Plebian is the opposite of aristocratic.

• Sarah refused to eat frozen dinners, saying they were too plebian for her discriminating palate.

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