Synonyms & Antonyms : Possess


( Verb )

What possessed you to do that?









Contextual Examples:

We have a small garden which meets all our needs of fruits and vegetables.

I command complete authority over the workers of this factory.

He seized my bag and ran off with it.

Do you own this beautiful tennis racket?

Where from did you obtain your tennis racket?

We shall enjoy the dinner after the variety show.

The girl was holding her father’s hand.








Contextual Examples:

We want at least a two-room flat for residence.

If you do not attend the function, you will forfeit the right to a special gift.

I need all your blessings for the success of my new venture.

The government disposes the owners of a property useful for public purpose.

The manager has relinquished his charge in favor of the new incumbent.

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