Synonyms & Antonyms : Predicament


( Noun )

His efforts to help his friends landed him only in an awkward predicament.









Contextual Examples:

Madhu lost her purse during the journey and was in bad plight.

The Straight of Gibraltar lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

After losing all his money Deepak was in a great fix.

He has won the first prize for solving a puzzle.

I am in a jam due to financial shortage.

He found himself in perplexity when he reached the cross road.

His one difficulty in getting a house is getting a house on reasonable rent in a good locality.

He was in a fix owing inability to help his close friend at the right moment.









Contextual Examples:

I can hand over the tape-recorded to him for repairs on your assurance.

He is working hard these days for self-satisfaction and for the satisfaction of his loss.

The doctor has set at rest my doubt about the disease.

Your decision in this matter is as good as mine.

We can solve this problem with ease.

My uncle lives in great comfort at this old age, thanks to his savings!

Mahatma Gandhi was a picture of calmness at the most difficult situation.

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