Difficult Words : Prerogative and Prepossess

Difficult Words : Prerogative and Prepossess

Prepossess (PREE puh ZES) v: to preoccupy, to influence beforehand or prejudice, to make a good impression on beforehand

This word has several common meanings. Be careful.

When a person is prepossessed by an idea, he or she can't get it out of his or her mind.

My dream of producing energy from old chewing gum wrappers prepossessed me, and I lost my job, my home, my wife and my children.

Experience has prepossessed Larry's mother not to believe him when he said that someone else had broken the window. Larry had broken it every other time, so she assumed that he had broken it this time.

The new girl in the class was extremely prepossessing. The minute she walked into the room, all the boys rushed over to introduce themselves.

Unprepossessing means unimpressive, but the word is only mildly negative.

The quaint farmhouse had an unprepossessing exterior, but a beautiful interior. Who would have imagined?

Prerogative (pri ROG uh tiv) n: right or privilege connected exclusively with a position, a person, a class, a nation, or some other group or classification

Giving traffic tickets to people, whom he didn't like, was one of the prerogatives of Junior's job as a policeman.

Sentencing people to death is a prerogative of Kings and Queens.

Big mansions and fancy cars are among the prerogatives of wealth.

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