Difficult Words : Pristine and Prevail

Difficult Words : Pristine and Prevail

Prevail (pri VALE) v: to triumph, to overcome rivals, (with on, upon, or with) to persuade

When justice prevails, it means that good defeats evil.

The prosecutor prevailed in the murder trial. The defendant was found guilty.

My mother prevailed on me to make my bed. She told me she would belt me if I didn’t, so I did.

The adjective prevailing means most frequent or predominant.

The prevailing opinion on a topic is the one that most people hold.

If the prevailing winds are out of the north, then the wind is out of the north most of the time.

A prevailing theory is the one most widely held at the time. It is prevalent.

Pristine (PRIS teen) adj: original, unspoiled, pure

An antique in pristine condition is one that hasn’t been polluted.

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