Difficult Words : Profane and Prodigy

Difficult Words: Profane and Prodigy

Prodigy (PROD i jee) n: an extremely talented child, an extraordinary accomplishment or occurrence

The three-year-old prodigy could play all of Beethoven and most of Brahms on his harmonica.

Larry was a mathematical prodigy. He had calculated pi to 100 decimal places almost before he could walk.

Josephine's tower of dominoes and Popsicle sticks was a prodigy of engineering.

Profane (pruh FANE) adj: not having to do with religion, irreverent, blasphemous

Profane is the opposite of sacred.

Worshipping the almighty in dollar is profane.

Profane can also mean disrespectful of religion.

Sticking out your tongue in church would be a profane gesture.

Profane can also be a verb. You profaned the church by sticking out your tongue in it.

Nick profaned his priceless Egyptian statue by using it as a doorstop.

The noun form of profane is profanity.

Throwing a gallon of red paint at the front door of the church was an act of profanity.

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